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Motorcycle Instructor training

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Advanced rider award (BMF Blue Riband)

Advanced rider award

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Rider and pillion

Post test training- Using motorways

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Want to use your own machine... 

You can use your own motorcycle for training on any of our courses.

Find out if your own machine is suitable for the DSA practical tests. For information on Rules for mopeds and motorcycles used for practical riding tests CLICK HERE

What the law says...

A CBT certificate will allow you (with L plates) to ride:
At 16 up to a 50cc moped. At 17 up to a 125cc machine. At 19 or over practice on a larger machine and take your A or A2 licence.
You must pass a motorcycle theory test prior to all practical tests.


What you can ride having completed your CBT and Theory test
Age 16 AM-Moped
Age 17 or over A1 Licence
19 or over A2 Licence
24 or over A Licence

Take Mod 1

Take Mod 2

Take Mod 1 125cc

Take Mod 2 125cc

Take Mod 1 M/c of 35kw (47bhp)

Take Mod 2 M/c of 35kw (47bhp)

Take Mod 1 M/c 595cc 40kw

Take Mod 2 M/c 595cc 40kw

AM Moped licence
A1 Licence
A2 Licence
A Licence

You can now ride a moped restricted to 28mph

No L plates-Passengers allowed

Motorway restrictions apply

You can now ride a 125cc machine

No L plates- Passengers allowed

You can now ride any bike up to 35kw (47bhp)

No L plates-Passengers allowed

You can now ride any machine of your choice.

No L plates-Passengers allowed


Your options now..

Keep riding a moped

At 17 or over take a motorcycle test

Your options now..

Keep riding a 125cc machine

At 19 or over you can now take the A2 test and ride a bike of 35kw (47bhp)


Your options now..

Keep riding a m/c of up to 47bhp

After two years or on reaching 24 years take a full cat A licence



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