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Motorcycle Instructor Training ELCAS Approved

Phoenix Training Services ® has been providing Motorcycle Instructor Training courses since 2006. In that time we have successfully trained over 220 candidates from all over UK and NI,  The Oman and Cyprus.


Train with a company that has a proven track record in Motorcycle Instructor Training at a fraction of the cost of similar courses!

ELCAS register number 4129 Click here to go to the ELCAS web site and enter Phoenix Training Services in the search barELCAS register number 4129 Click here to go to the ELCAS web site and enter Phoenix Training Services in the search bar

This course has Approved Learning Provider status in the MOD Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) Scheme

Bookings are being taken for the next motorcycle instructor courses which will be:

projected dates for 2024

Feb 12th -18th

Apr 8th - 14th

May 27th - Jun 2nd

Jul 29th - Aug 4th

Oct 28th - Nov 3rd

For the enhanced courses, please add three days to the above dates.


Please contact us for details:

01980 626064 (and leave a message) or email:


If you wish to become a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) certified motorcycle instructor, qualified to deliver Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) courses and instruct on the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) for an approved Training Body (ATB), or even open your own ATB, then we have the course for you.

Our motorcycle instructor training package at Amesbury, which is delivered by the founder of Phoenix Motorcycle Training, An ex Army Warrant officer with 30 years instructing experience. has been running for over 16 years and has proven to be very successful with candidates achieving very high first time pass rates in the DVSA assessment.

As a fully qualified instructor a turnover of £30,000 in the first year is achievable, rising in subsequent years.


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The Amesbury training centre

The AMESBURY Instructor

training centre


'It was hard work, but the most enjoyable course I've ever done without a doubt'

'Phoenix portrays and delivers top training from doing the CBT's up to Advanced Blue Riband riding, a company I would recommend to anyone what ever their ability' !

'A really professional attitude from the bottom to the top and a really rewarding course'.

'I was very impressed with all aspects of the running this course.. The dates were resceduled a number of times due to Covid, but communication was always excellent. Pre-course work books and information was extensive and arrived in plenty of time. The practical elements of the course was very well delivered. I particularly enjoyed delivering the training to live students. Instruction was excellent and the on-going support towards full qualication shows that everyone at Phoenix is invested in their trainees': Lt Col, Army, June 21

Our training package is designed to prepare you for the DVSA instructor assessment for both the CBT and DAS qualification.


Benefits of the Phoenix training package

  • flexible training to suit your pace
  • choose the level of qualification you require
  • benefit from our years of training experience
  • comprehensive training with DVSA & BTEC

          qualified instructors

  • All necessary reference materials provided
  • Local low cost accommodation available locally

  Bespoke Lesson Plans and Training Aids

        Bespoke Lesson Plans and training aids












To be eligible, you must be over 21 years of age and have held a full Category A motorcycle license for over 3 years. ( since the new 3rd directive came into force, Someone who passes a cat A2 test at 19 followed by cat A test two years later aged 21 can become an instructor at age 22 once they have held full motorcycle entitlement for three years. Further to this, the instructor must hold the correct category for the training they are providing, cat A2 holders can only provide training for cat A1 and A2 but not A)


The course is designed to teach you how to instruct members of the public to ride motorcycles and scooters in accordance with The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licence) Regulations 1999 and to prepare you for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assessment which on successful completion you will be awarded your certificate to teach.

We will provide you with all the reference books, Instructor notes and lesson plans required for your preparation.

A general overview of the course is as follows:

Instructor candidate teaching under supervision

Our instructor training centre has everything your need. You will spend an Intensive seven days at our training centre based at Amesbury Wiltshire. The course will consist of instructional techniques delivering the Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT) and Direct Access Training (DAS) as laid down by the DVSA, under instruction from your qualified tutors, At the end of the week you will be advised whether you need further training before applying for a DVSA assessment.



Further training

Depending on how well you have progressed you may need further practice before you apply for a DVSA assessment. We can arrange for further training at our mutual convenience so that you are well prepared for the assessment. The length of this further training depends largely on how often you can make yourself available for training.

Once ready, you can arrange at your convenience, to attend the DVSA CBT two day assessment. On successful completion of this assessment you may apply for your DVSA Certified Motorcycle Instructor Certificate for CBT, seek employment with any DVSA approved Training body (ATB) or even start your own ATB. Once you have passed the CBT assessment you may then apply for your DAS assessment, a half day assessment at the DVSA centre.

The Enhanced Course which is ten days in duration also includes Advanced Rider and first aid training.


We charge an all inclusive £1600.00 for the standard course or £2000.00 for the Enhanced course. Both course fees include any follow up training and DAS training but does not include accommodation. There are no specific examination fees. At present there are no fees charged by the DVSA for the assessments. Individuals will be responsible for overnight accommodation charges. We challenge you to find this level of training at a more competitive price.

The Law & Motorcycle training
The motorcycle training industry is regulated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and there are strict rules associated with motorcycle training.

The licensing of motorcyclists is also quite a complicated matter with rules relating to the age, name, size and power of motorcycles.

Essentially at present there are three stages of qualification to become a fully qualified motorcycle instructor.

Down trained
Trained and assessed by a qualified instructor and permitted to train at Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) level only within the ATB that trained you.

Attend the DVSA centre and pass a rigorous two day assessment. This permits you to train at CBT level and down train other new instructors. This is the minimum qualification to hold an Approved Training Body Status (ATB).

Once already qualified as a CBT1C (cannot progress directly to DAS) attend DVSA Centre and pass a further half-day assessment. This permits you to train DAS in addition to CBT.


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