Hi Carli and Mark
I wanted to Leave a review for you but don’t have Facebook...can you paste the below into customer feedback on your site?
Mark and Carli are absolutely, with out doubt the Bike Training School to use. First class service from the very start. Carli was able to answer all my questions about obtaining a CBT and not only being situated in a great location and having first class facilities are very affordable. On meeting Mark he was very informative and explained/demonstrated everything very clearly and would only progress if I understood. He made me feel confident that I was at the right place and used incredible positive instruction to train and test my abilities. Need say anymore, having never sat on a motorcycle before I was out on the road in no time and was riding like a natural....all down to the instruction i must say. 
After only coming to Mark and Carli to obtain a CBT and use a 125 I found that the bikes were just too small for me, being over 6ft4. After having a good discussion with Mark he advised me that going Direct Access would suit me better so I could then use a more suitably sized bike after towering over the 125s and gave me confidence that i had the right level of skill and ability to progress through this. So with super Carli able to arrange days around my hectic schedule and Mark able to take me from, as he put it 'Zero to Hero' :-) I was able to Train and pass through both Mod 1 and Mod 2 First time! Amazing Experience, so so happy I found them.
This was the easiest decision i have ever made using them as my Motorbike instructor. The hardest decision of the whole thing.....is now choosing a bike!!!
Daniel Plummer